PAS 68:2007. Dynamic impact test


The impact conditions of the test were met with a total test mass of 3500 kg at a speed of 48km/h and at an angle of 90° to the line of the impact face.

The test was conducted with 4 sets of panels comprising of 5 water filled panels in each set and secured with reinforced fabric webbing.

Impact Results

The vehicle impacted the ram panels as designed and was rapidly brought to a standstill as the centre two groups of panels burst, releasing all the water.

While the vehicle was slowing, all the bags vented water through the top pressure relief valves. There was zero penetration by the vehicle, although the panels had moved a maximum of three metres from the datum line with zero dispersal of debris.

PAS 68:2007 Performance classification—vehicle impact test V Temporary barrier 3500 48/0/0

Specifications: per ‘A’ frame unit

  • External Height – 1190mm/47”
  • External Width – 1720mm/67”
  • External Depth – 1050mm/41”
  • Overall Height – 1190mm/47”
  • Overall Width – 6880mm/271”
  • Overall Depth – 1050mm/41”
  • Wall Thickness – 335mm/13”
  • Water Volume – 2136 litres/564 US Gal
  • Weight Empty – 35 Kgs/77 lbs
  • Weight Full – 2161 Kgs/4764 lbs