midiPVC coated internally reinforced Waterwall hex bin. Standard internal size to exceed IATA package. Stores flat pack in a valise for immediate use.

Positioned around the suspect device without the need to handle or move the item. Connect to a water supply and inflate until full. Pressure relief valves ensure that the unit is not over pressurised and indicate when the unit is full of water. Tested to mitigate against 3 kg ( 6.6 lbs) of TNT. Device is effectively isolated until expert help arrives. Has chemical, bacteriological and radiological capabilities with suitable additives added to the water. An inexpensive item with high performance results.


  • External Height – 960mm/37”
  • External Width – 1400mm/55”
  • External Depth – 1212mm/47”
  • Internal Height – 960mm/37”
  • Internal Width – 938mm/36”
  • Internal Depth – 812mm/31”
  • Wall Thickness – 200mm/7”
  • Water Volume – 629 litres/166 US Gal
  • Weight Empty – 15 Kgs/33 lbs
  • Weight Full – 644 Kgs/1419 lbs
  • Packed size in valise – 800mm x 600mm x 350mm/31” x 23” x 14”