harriCintec have under development a new system known as HARRI ( High Arch Rapid Reaction Isolator). This Waterwall is the largest in the Waterwall range of products. PVC coated and internally reinforced walls are designed to totally enclose a suspicious car or small van that has a suspected device. The product is totally supported on a pneumatic arch made from 335 mm thick material that is designed to carry the weight of an outer 335mm water filled chamber. Additional buttresses inflated with air are added to the outer walls to increase stability. End doors are fitted with standard 335 mm PVC material and are independently inflated with both air and water and allow for access to be maintained to the device. Pressure relief vales ensure that the unit is not over inflated.

harri-diagramThe product totally encloses the suspect vehicle but still allows access for robotic inspection activities. The current prototype is 3.5 metres high, 6 metres wide and 8 metres long. When fully erected the product is able to totally surround a suspicious vehicle with 12,000 litres of water. In the event of an explosion the Waterwall will give total all round protection of a high order detonation and will interfere with the broadcasting of the toxic elements and facilitate clean up.


  • External Height – 3500mm/138”
  • External Width – 6000mm/236”
  • External Depth – 8000mm/315”
  • Wall Thickness – 335mm/13”
  • Water Volume – 12000 litres/3170 US Gal
  • Weight Empty – 300 Kgs/661 lbs
  • Weight Full – 12300 Kgs/27117 lbs